Gallop Guru is absolutely thrilled to announce the Supreme Champion of the inaugural event of The Mane Show is 10 year old Freja Noble-Jennings and her trusty steed George (Rosslayne Gavotte).

For those of you not in-the-know, The Mane Show is the newly launched brainchild of Katie Hudson - a website set up to stage competitions for riders to enter by sending in photographs or videos of their various endeavours.

January saw the first shows performed online and judged by the sponsors of each category.

Gallop Guru is the proud sponsor of the Best Riding Club Horse/Pony and wonderful little Freja beat 6 other contestants in her class.

All competitors were actually very good indeed and there was little to choose between them except for Miss Noble-Jennings who, we have to say, blew us away! Her presentation; riding ability; and partnership with her lovely little pony propelled her with aplomb in to first place in the class and from there she plainly impressed those of higher rank than us who ensured she went on to take the title of Supreme Champion!

So well done Freja. And George! We feel honoured to have helped to put you in the spotlight (where you so well deserve to be) and have no doubt that you have a very promising career ahead of you if you choose to continue riding. 

Visit to learn more about The Mane Show and how to get involved.

You can see Freja and George in action in the January results page or watch the video here.

The performance is so polished and the music so catchy, we suspect horse lovers everywhere will be as enchanted as we were!