4th Emergency Service!

4th Emergency Service! We had our own little panic yesterday when our horse Porky had a shoe come very loose.

Honor was due to ride him to a lesson today and we called our farrier, Roland Thompson, on the off chance he could come out.

He amazingly managed to squeeze us in to his very long day. He raced over and fixed Porky’s shoe last night at 8pm, still in 24 degree summer heat!

Honor is now, as we speak, hacking to her lesson, thankfully through lots of shaded woods, with 4 shoes firmly intact. 

Farriers, vets and horse dentists really are an animal version of the emergency services. Our Farrier, Roland, has had some amazing shots taking of him at work which we now sell in a variety of forms. 


They are a very real portrayal of an old and essential country craft. We think these images really evoke the work, heat and smells of the shoeing process wonderfully and add a real touch of artistry to the walls of any home or workplace. 

Enjoy having a browse!