Back In The Day...


We just thought we'd share this rather extraordinary photo from our archive. We think it's from about 1928. This cavalier pair are merrily flying over a rustic fence (which by anyone's standards is not small!) with her riding one -handed in a rather stylish beret hat (and side-saddle no less!) and him without a hat at all.

Neither looks in the least bit concerned let alone nervous!

It wouldn't happen today of course and arguably rightly so (they didn't have the option in those days of protective gear or the knowledge about why it might be sensible to wear it!) but there's no denying the charm and appeal of this image showing equestrians imbued with an insouciance that we might all envy a little bit!

The image we believe is American but other than that we don't know precisely where it was taken or the identity of the riders. If anyone by some remote chance knows any more then please do get in touch, we'd be fascinated to find out.