Don’t forget the boys!

We have a number of really very attractive gifts for boys and men, big and small! From the younger folk we have adorable pony themed socks, the Tractor Mug by Sophie Allport, watches and note books. For those who have grown up a little, we hope, we have some lovely leather goods, washbags and wallets and some very smart cufflinks in various price ranges. My favourites have to be the sterling silver fox mask cufflinks, really cool. We have some smart and quirky washbags with exclusive slogans on, No 1 Stallion and Hung Like a Horse!! For those who wear bracelets, the HiHo leather bracelet with sterling silver snaffle detail are very popular and come in 2 sizes. We also have a plainer leather bracelet with smart steel clasp. So, don’t forget the boys, they need some love too!

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