We have always lived with horses. My father used to be a point-to-point jockey and there is never a time that I remember that horses weren’t a big part of our lives. Dad loved everything about horses, and he loved spending time with them, sometimes more so than humans! One of my earliest “horsey recollections” was on my 6th birthday. It was April, cold and wet and we were off to yet another point to point, somewhere in the depths of Wales. I had been given a nurse’s outfit as one of my presents and had a huge meltdown as, due to the rain, it was not deemed suitable attire for the day. Little did the grownups know! Dad fell off and ended up in hospital. I was furious. If they had only listened to me, then I could have looked after him without the need for an ambulance or hospital! Written by Caroline Reeves #growingup #horses #pointtopoint #jockey #meltdowns #birthdays