Good for you in so many ways. We always try to support as many horse charities as we can. When I hear about horses and ponies being used to help us humans who are struggling with life I can't help but think of my Dad again. He rode all his life and finally retired from riding in his early 70’s. His last horse retired too and Dad used to go and visit him once a week but this did not replace the day to day contact that he was used to having with his horse. Dad very soon found himself really struggling and seeking counselling for depression. With help, Dad had to come to terms with living without a horse, but it was very hard in many ways. Horses give so much; their gentle nature helps many of us on a daily basis and we must always treasure them for what they add to our lives. Written by Caroline Reeves #equinerescue #horserescue #equine #horse #rescue #equinetherapy #horsesofinstagram #equestrian