Muddy puddles

Muddy puddles – yes, it’s that time of year again as we feel the nip in the air and the rain means a bit more mud! Horses are needing a little more TLC, rugging at night, bit more hay and our dogs seem to always manage to bring mud into the house even after a good rub down. We love it though, the changing of the seasons, be it from summer to autumn or winter to spring, the changes always bring something refreshing. Maybe a wonderful sunrise or sunset, a thunder or snow storm or a beautiful morning frost. Being lucky enough to live in the countryside we get to see the changes in our weather on an upfront and personal basis, and even on days when we can’t go for a ride or the dog walk is cut short, there is always a puddle we can jump in to cheer ourselves up! Oh and, don’t forget our Welly necklace in sterling silver with contrasting green or pink enamel, enough to cheer up the dullest of wet days!

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