Office Dogs!

As they are often mentioned, I thought I'd introduce the office dogs, as they are definitely part of the team!

Smudge is the Reeves family dog, so is a permanent fixture in the office, and can usually be found snuggled up on the sofa behind Heath's desk. He's a labrador/spaniel cross (he's the one with a sock in his mouth!), and now he's grown up the soppy side of both is definitely coming through!

Pepper is an occasional visitor, and likes hiding under the desk, out of the way of feet! She can't be trusted outside, as being a Labrador she's obsessed with water so would be straight in the river just outside the office!

Fergus is our new boy, a very dapper dachshund. He & his owner have just moved down, and they're hoping to walk to work across the fields, when the weather permits.

Chip, the busy Jack Russell, comes to visit when his mum is running her cafe by the beach. His super-power is finding a tennis ball within seconds of arriving anywhere!

They are a lovely bunch, and we wouldn't be without them. Especially as they don't get through the tea & coffee as quickly as the humans!

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